Have you been brought in to manage a project 

but it isn't going according to plan?

For Programme, Project and Transformation Managers:

Discover How To Explain Change in 8 Easy Steps...

The 8 easy steps for creating communication activities you and your team can use every day

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Have you been brought in to manage a project and

you are now experiencing issues with delivery?

It may be you aren’t being listened to. Or the scope of the project is changing, but you haven’t been told why. Perhaps you have lost the trust of stakeholders. 

Possibly you are feeling isolated in your role, or overworked with no time to think about the big picture. Potentially, you are feeling overwhelmed by the politics above and resistance from below during a time of major change.

Sound familiar? Then…

…Discover how to win back support in 8 easy steps that will engage your leaders and end users so they are involved and committed to successfully delivering together. 

Inside this FREE Guide to understanding change, you'll discover:


How to develop a schedule of activities you and your team can use daily


The five step Communications Escalator to identify overarching objectives for each critical phase of the project


How to think through the influence and impact of the key stakeholders in your project


How to map out objectives from different perspectives


Practical examples, models and action plans you can use straight away to keep stakeholders up-to-date and supportive


And much, much more....

Who Is The Guide For?

Programme, Project and Transformation Managers who: 


Aspire to get or currently manage a long term project that is complex and challenging 


Are managing both a project and an in-house team, who want the team to deliver and be proactive and stakeholder-focused


Are problem solvers and not risk adverse

Meet with resistance to delivering long term change


Do not have a communications practitioner on the team and want to understand what best practices look like


Come in to deliver a project but no-one can tell them why, or the difference it will make for the business


Don’t have budget for a full-time communication professional to manage information flows

Does this sound like you? YES - THEN YOU NEED TO READ THIS GUIDE…

Who Is The Guide Not For?


Project managers who believe they are only required to deliver technology and that behaviour change will then follow naturally


People who are unwilling to step out of their comfort zones to deliver the best possible solution for their organisation

Managers who believe end users will just do what they are told and there is no need to spend time motivating and persuading them

Project teams with an all-singing, all-dancing communication plan and the budget for a full-time expert to implement it


Leaders who believe communication with stakeholders can be ad hoc when they and the team have time and the inclination


Managers who believe the project team does not need to win the respect of end users, leaders and other stakeholders

Managers who are not frustrated by the every day pain points of missed milestones, micro-management, repeated mistakes and conflict

Managers who are not worried by disengagement, low motivation and high turnover in their project team and the end user teams they are working with

Does this sound like you? YES - THEN THIS GUIDE IS NOT FOR YOU…

“If you always deliver on time and to budget, have all the leadership support you want

and need, a highly motivated project team and end users who are open to

changing the ways they work, then you are a communications maestro.

You already know how to explain change effectively.

But if you have a little niggle of doubt, then let my guide fill the gap with practical knowledge you and your team can use each and every day.” Jo Ann Sweeney

About Jo Ann Sweeney

Jo Ann Sweeney

Founder and Director of Sweeney Comms

Jo Ann Sweeney is a communications consultant who helps teams win the support of their sponsors, senior executives and end users. She’s known for her ability to clearly explain complex information so audiences understand both the detail and the relevance to themselves. She specialises in helping clients develop practical communication plans they can implement with the resources they have.

Clients include Inmarsat, Eisai, FSB, BT, Telefónica UK, London Councils and Transport for London. Her results-focused approach ensures communication activities achieve their objectives, meet audience expectations, make best use of resources and deliver value to the bottom line.

Transformation programmes include CRM rollouts, business process reengineering, office relocations, redeployment, technology rollouts, re-brands and culture change.

Jo Ann has more than 25 years experience and is a trained journalist, chartered marketer, fellow of the Institute of Internal Communications and member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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